Centro Hispano Daniel Torres, Inc.
Shared Vision... Real Change.

Saber es poder”


“Mas vale prevenir que lamentar”


“De tal palo tal astilla”


“Lo que empieza bien, bien acaba”



   “Knowledge is power”


“Better safe than sorry”


“Chip off the old block”


“What begins well, ends well”


Un programa para padres y madres con niños edades 0-5 que los prepara para apoyar el éxito escolar de sus niños y abogar por su familia. ¡Nos reunimos por 10 sesiones!

A program for parents of children 0-5 years of age that will prepare them to support their children’s success in school and advocate for their family. We get together for 10 sessions!



Incluyendo: ¡Comida, Premios, Ambiente positivo!                  

  Included: Food, Prizes, Positive environment!

Jueves/ Thursdays: 10:00am-12:00pm

Junio 15, 2017 - Agosto 17, 2017

June 15, 2016 -  August 17, 2017

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Arleny Pimentel



Paula Beltran













Infants welcome; Child Care will be provided for children  ages 1½ to 5; Space is limited.

Bebés en brazos son bienvenidos. Para niños de 1½ a 5 se ofrece cuidado; cupo limitado.


During this political environment, we need to be prepared, we want you to be aware of your rights. Please familiarize yourself with the following pages to know your rights.
- What to do if there is a raid on your home / house / work
- How to communicate with officers if you do not speak English.
- The importance of making a family plan if the worst happens.
- How to make a family plan to keep your children safe.
Proud NCLR 2015 Northeast Affiliate of the Year. 

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